Womanizer ist eine innovative Marke für Frauen, die die Welt im Sturm erobert hat. Ihre patentierte Pleasure Air Technology stimuliert die Klitoris ohne direkten Kontakt und vermeidet Überstimulation und Desensibilisierung. Mit einem Womanizer ist dir ein Orgasmus garantiert.

Womanizer - Your new favourite toy

Unique technology and innovative designs

Wow. That’s all there needs to be said. Womanizer is nothing short of amazing and it’s no wonder that the small sex toy took the world by storm when launched in 2015. The product was invented by a German couple who developed a new technology by the name of Pleasure Air Technology. With Pleasure Air Technology, it has become possible to stimulate the clit without even touching it, but by only using air. The product works by blowing air out and sucking it in at an incredible speed in order to tease your clit with pulsating pressure waves. To this day, the revolutionising toy is still the only one of its kind.

Despite the unique high-tech design, the Womanizer is actually quite simple to use. You simply place it on yourclit and then it does all of the work for you. It couldn’t be any easier. The product is especially well-suited for solo play but you can also gain a lot from using it with a partner. Let them take control of the machine and intensity (if you dare) or use it while you are being penetrated for a titillating sex-experience and a powerful orgasm.

Buy Womanizer sex toys - more than just a vibrator

The first Womanizer sex toy on the market was W100. It had an oblong design that didn’t differ much from the sex toys you could already find in most bedside drawers. The W100-model was a hit among most, but some customers reported that the stimulation was too intense for them. The German brand took the feedback into consideration and launched the product in a new and improved version, the Pro W500. And what a machine! The newer model has an ergonomic design with a better grip and it’s possible to change between 8 different intensity levels. With this, and even newer versions, more women can experience the sensational and unique stimulation.

Can you compare Womanizers original sex toys to other products? The short answer is no. It is completely unique. Just like a clitoral vibrator, it supplies an outer stimulation around the clit. But it’s so much more than just a vibrator and because of its unique features it simply must be experienced. Spoil yourself with buying a Womanizer sex toy that goes above and beyond any expectations you may have when it comes to pleasure.


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